Battle Esports Coin (BES) Token / Esports Gambling NFT The tremendous revenue stream of esports gambling on the blockchain and DAO


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Listed on January 14, 2022 ; Coming Soon!

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The current esports market is largely capitalized by corporate sponsors.
Esports players have only been able to engage in limited economic activities, such as winning cash prizes in corporate-sponsored tournaments and serving as billboards for corporate sponsors.
There are some individual players who use distribution platforms to conduct economic activities by receiving donations, but players feel that the hurdle to monetization is high due to the high fees for donations.
We thought that by making C to C transactions possible instead of the current B to C transactions, the hurdle to economic activity would be lowered.

BES Token x LIBES is designed to solve this problem.

Libes can boost the economic activity of players, provide new entertainment for users, and be built for the future innovations in esports and blockchain.




01Collaboration with the platform "Libes"
expected as a DAO project of Esports
BES acts as a governance token responsible for visualizing the DAO of the Esports platform "Libes".
And it will be a token that will be widely and preferentially used in the economic zone of Libes, which will be an epoch-making platform linked with blockchain technology.
02Libes Platform Revenue Sharing
On the Libes platform, betting, gifting and NFTs in Esports make up revenue. BES is scheduled to distribute Libes reve- nue to BES holders as its DAO governance token.
On the other hand, Libes is also planning social contribution activities related to the spread of ESports, and through pos- session of BES, we can also contribute to those contribution activities.
03Increased value through DeFi-based staking and income gain
BES is an ERC-20 token with a fixed initial issuance amount. (Please also refer to the tokenomics below.) Therefore, the distribution volume is limited, and the design is such that the value can be easily increased by creating demand.
BES is also prepared for staking on multiple DeFi platforms and can be rewarded.





September XX‒ Libes project starts
October 11‒ Sponsor Contract with KNIVES OUT Pro Contract Team XeNo
October 27‒29 Entry to 2nd Blockchain EXPO Tokyo Autumn
November 1 ‒ XeNo official esports tournament management rights contract
November 14‒15 Award winning
at Blockchain Economy EXPO in Dubai
December XX‒ IEO
Libes sponsors the esports competition in Mongolia


January 10‒ Hosting of Libes sponsored esports tournament
Libes beta launch
BES Token To be listed
Announcement of statement on activities to contribute to the esports
industry and general public
March XX‒ Official launch of Libes Liberal esports
April XX‒ Libes DAO Shareholder’s meeting



Risk of private key loss:
The user should be well aware of the blockchain and its processes. Thus, you should acknowledge and accept that your information, such as private key(s) and password(s) is essential to access your wallet and thus the ERC20 tokens. If you lose your private key and/or password, you will not be able to access your wallet and tokens, and thus you will lose all your tokens permanently.
Risk of theft & attacks:
Users shall acknowledge and accept that, despite the blockchain being a very secure platform, there is the possibility of risk of theft, cloning and staking attacks, malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, smurfing and spoofing. Any such successful attacks can result in loss of ERC20 tokens, improp- er functioning of software, irregular transactions and/or improper smart contract computations.
Risk of incompatible wallet services:
ERC20 tokens are Ethereum compatible; thus, you shall first ensure that you own a Ethereum-compatible token wallet or else you might lose access to the tokens you buy, and the company will hold no responsibility for it.
Risk of losses not insured:
Unless you obtain private insurance for the ERC20 tokens you hold, they are otherwise uninsured. Thus, we can offer you no recourse on the loss of ERC20 tokens or their value.
Risk arising from taxes:
There are no certain tax characterizations of the ERC20 tokens, thus the contributor shall refer to his/her tax advisor for the transfer, usage and storage of these tokens. The customer shall be well aware of the tax regulations including withholding taxes, transfer taxes, value-added taxes, income taxes and similar taxes, levies, duties or other charges and tax reporting requirements applicable in their geographical area. The contributor shall bear any loss resulting from not adhering to applicable tax regu- lations and obligations.
Unanticipated risks:
The contributor acknowledges and accepts that there might be unexpected risks other than those mentioned in this document. And that in case of any risks affecting the growth of the company or the utility of ERC20 tokens, the contributor will bear the loss and the company will not be liable to compensate him/her for the losses.
Legislative risks of the gambling market:
Despite the fact that the legislation in most countries concerning gambling is written and applied, we do not exclude the fact that there may be any changes in certain coun- tries and jurisdictions that will impose certain restrictions on our users.


Listed on January 14, 2022 ; Coming Soon!

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